CLA Build Stories: TUFT’s Eleven December 2016 – Hitting the Road

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In this post, we reach the end of the TUFT’s Eleven build story, and the beginning of its active life of motoring!

I am delighted to confirm that Tuft’s Eleven (or mine, depending on your perspective!) is finally running and being enjoyed!

In a final superhuman push to achieve a deadline for shakedown at Winton raceway over the weekend of the 29th & 30th of October, all the last minute items were finished including suspension settings, toe and camber, spanner check, fuel dipstick and more. I hauled her down to Winton on the afternoon of 28th in time for dinner with a load of friends prior to the Lotus Only Track Day on Saturday 29th.

This was the car’s first outing on a track in her life, so was captured for posterity – and as I got a bit (too) confident, I overran the end of the straight 🙂

My overconfidence aside, this run demonstrated that the car is reliable, reasonably quick (see timesheet – OK, not up there with the modern guys, but not embarrassing either) and handles a treat.

Targa High Country Lotus Photos

There were 16 Lotus cars competing in this year’s Targa High Country and three course cars – a great showing!

The following weekend I took her to Targa High Country, and competed in three days of tarmac rallying in the Victorian alps, based in Mt Buller.

It snowed on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Carbs were set for sea level, so they didn’t work so well at altitude. However, all things considered, she didn’t disgrace herself and we had three days of brilliant fun. We finished (last in class) and got her first gong.

Lotus Eleven at Targa High Country

At pace (sort of) just outside of Mansfield.

We had a blast so it counts as a very successful outing. She handles far more predictably on wet and slippery roads than a lot of the more modern guys, who were sliding around all over the place. So we got to bully an MX5 or two.

So, after an epic build story another one is back on the road and having fun, and I couldn’t be happier.

Images thanks to Paul D’Ambra, Simply Sports Cars

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