Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2018

President's Prattle

Bother, late again!

And winter is well and truly upon us. Mrs R. and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Orange, but my goodness they know how to do cold! Clearly I have been out of Edinburgh for too long. And, frankly, the houses (or at least the one we stayed in) are not designed for it, which is a bit odd.

So, we are already halfway through the year and tearing headlong towards lots of opportunities to enjoy our cars. I hope yours is/are in better working order than most of mine currently are! I had a very helpful pointer for a replacement starter motor (thanks Al!) so that should be on its way shortly, and with that hopefully more use of the Elan.

We have sprints of both varieties coming up. The Cootamundra Sprints are on the 28th of July and our next CSCA day is on the 11th of August. Several show or display days are on offer over the next few months, including Kiama, Shannons, Lugarno and the All British Day. We’re also looking forward to a social evening, meeting at Dario’s Carbonix on the 25th of July.

There are also two more Targa events still to come this year – the new Great Barrier Reef event in early September (for which Giles and I sadly won’t make it back in time from Alice) and Targa High Country in November. Not to mention the next Simply Sports Cars Lotus Only Track Day in two weeks’ time and the November LOTD at Phillip Island.

Tom’s first Lotus Lunch of the year is just around the corner. That will be held at Butcher and the Farmer at Tramsheds on Saturday the 28th of July. Details here.

If you haven’t seen something in that lot which grabs your fancy, let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

Elsewhere, young Daniel R is doing great things at Red Bull and reportedly is looking elsewhere (or possibly just some mischief-making in the wind). We’ve got World Cup fever, even if Australia can’t play football (or soccer – what ever you prefer). Wimbledon is just underway, and New South Wales may just win the State of Origin this year. Plenty going on on the world stage, even before you mention Thump or the great ‘Murkin dream.

At some point towards the end of the year Mrs R and I are planning to go to Sri Lanka, so if anyone has been there recently and has any recommendations for places to go, things to do and, most importantly, cooking classes for Caroline to drag me along to – I’m all ears!

Righto, better get this to Tom before I’m the one holding up proceedings – again!

Have fun, keep it safe, upright and, most importantly, on the blackstuff (unless you’re coming rallying with us!).

Pip pip,

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