Lotus Photos: Club Lotus Australia at Sydney’s 2019 All British Day

2019’s Sydney All British Day was held a few weeks back on Sunday the 15th of September in the ever-incredible grounds of The Kings School, Parramatta. We put together a modest, but most attractive display for the day.

Thanks to everyone who came along to enjoy a social day and take part in this year’s display. While we’re comfortably the top of the heap when it comes to our motorsport, it’s a little more difficult to coax Club Lotus members out for a display day.

So, while we’re not going to match the ‘as-far-as-the-eye-can-see’ displays of the Jaguars and MGs, we make up for it with bubbly personalities and Lotuses with speedy-even-when-sitting-still good looks that draw plenty of attention nonetheless.

Club Lotus’s little patch of the grounds did a magnificent job of showing off the efforts of the marque over the past six decades or so. It even featured one very welcome Austin Healey in the form of Ashton’s ‘Gidget’, who was fresh out of customs after many months of adventuring between Peking and Paris.

Our corner of the world was surrounded by every make and model of British motorcar imaginable, which made picking a direction and heading out to explore very pleasant. Once you reached the end of the fields you ran into The Kings School’s annual fair, which included an art exhibition, markets, activities for the kids and some good food and drink to enjoy.

Returning Hero Gidget, Fresh from Customs

Thanks again to all those who displayed a car or came down to say ‘Hi!’ and take a look around, and a special thank you to Evan Jones for organising our participation in the event.

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