Lotus Photos: July 2020 Lotus Cars Australia Lotus on Track Day

Lotus On Track July 2020

Photos thanks to Brett Stevens & Seth Reinhardt

After several months of downtime following the cancellation of CSCA 2020 round two, we were all of a sudden on full song on Saturday the 18th of July, with a Lotus On Track Day hosted by Lotus Cars Australia at Wakefield Park and CSCA 2020 round three at Pheasant Wood Circuit offering a motor sport fix.

A large contingent of the club chose the more open layout of Wakefield Park to blow the cobwebs out, so let’s catch up on the action with this report thanks to Ashton Roskill and photos by Brett Stevens and Seth Reinhardt.

Lotus On Track July 2020

July 2020 Lotus Cars Australia Lotus on Track Day

As is Goulburn’s way, Saturday dawned cool (at least we didn’t have to thaw the cars out this time) but turned into a stunning day – perfect conditions for motor sport filling the engines with cool air and getting just enough temperature in the tyres and tarmac to encourage some good times. The fresh air and beautiful sunny day was made all the better by a load of great friends, including several new faces, which was great to see.

Lotus On Track July 2020

Times tumbled quickly, with drivers mostly staying on the black stuff as well, and great fun was had by all. It was particularly good to see a smattering of the older cars mixing it up with the riot of V6 Exiges and Evoras. Special mention to Tim Mackie in his S1 Elise, who kept the might of Martin Duursma’s Exige in his sights all day.

Lotus On Track July 2020

Personally, the shakedown of the Elite went well (thanks to Garth the Wizard) and I had some good reports from the grandstands, in particular for the engine note.

It was a great day and a wonderful way to return to the sport we all love. We’d like to send a very grateful thanks to Lotus Cars Australia and in particular Mark, who organised everything and then was sadly unable to attend due to Victorian COVID-19 restrictions. I was sorry that the Victorian contingent was missing and hope we’ll see you at Winton in October.

The next Lotus On Track Day is planned to be at Winton in October, so please look after yourselves and each other and let’s keep things on track so that we can spend more time on the track!

Lotus On Track July 2020

Thanks to Brett Stevens

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