Lotus Photos: August 2020 Tyre Kick & Coffee

August 2020 Lotus Tyre Kick & Coffee

Sunday the 16th of August saw us get together at Kokoda Cafe in Rhodes Park for our monthly Tyre Kick & Coffee. Scroll along, and enjoy a few photos of the festivities.

With the weather warming up and the people of Sydney getting more experienced at safe socialising in 2020, we had a good turnout to Sunday’s Tyre Kick and Coffee. We did a great job of decorating the car park, with the full variety of Lotus’ efforts represented and attracting passers-by to enjoy the cars and take a photo or two.

We enjoyed a slightly-extended catch-up in the car park while the still-wintery sun did its best to peek over the trees and shine on us and the team got the cafe open and coffee machine warmed up. From there it was time to head to the courtyard for a coffee and a bite to eat before kicking off Sunday proper.

Thanks to everyone who came along! We look forward to catching up with everyone next month, on Sunday the 20th of September, to share some tales of the CSCA sprint the week earlier on Saturday the 12th. Please be aware that the Tyre Kick & Coffee will start at 9:30am from September onwards.

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