For Sale: Genuine Lotus Elan Manuals

Elan Service Parts List

Club founding member Mike has a series of genuine Lotus Elan manuals and items for sale, and would love to see them go to a good home. Read on for the details.

All manuals are genuine Lotus publications (NOT photocopies). More pictures are available, please reach out if you are interested.

  • Lotus Elan Workshop Manual Part No 26T327 – Suitable for Series 1 and 2 Elans $150.00
  • Lotus Elan Worships Manual Part No X036 T 0327Z – Suitable for all Elan Series including S4 $200.00
  • Lotus Elan + 2 Services Parts List Part No X036T0325H – Suitable for all Elan +2 including the big value five-speed model (S130) $150.00
  • Lotus Twin Cam Engine by Miles Wilkins $50.00

Also available is a Ford 120E block with sump, original 81mm bore. This would suit a rebuild of an original Cosworth Ford Motor for a Super 7.

If you’re interested, please contact Seth at [email protected] and he’ll put you in touch with Mike.

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